You Are Amazing!

Sometimes the real heros don’t wear capes. They wear scrubs, booties, masks and a blue see-through mesh caps. 

You became a nurse because you wanted to help people, right? Maybe you are in a long line of family nurses. Maybe it took the death of a family member for you to make the decision. Whichever put you in scrubs and put you in the position to be considered ‘Essential’ during this pandemic, we thank you so much for this. The fact that you have become the front line soldiers of the world, there isn’t enough expression of gratitude we could give you

Nurse sitting down tired

But What We Can Do Is...

Understand what you’re going through and understand that you probably feel alone and unheard. What’s it going to take, right? You’re caught in the middle of this pandemic and it probably feels like your choir has heard all of the preaching they can handle.

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